Raffle Tickets

Lottery and Draw Ticket Legal Requirements
All tickets intended for sale to the general public in advance of a “Draw” must comply with Lotteries & Amusements Act 1976 and the Gambling Act 2005.
It is an offence to order, print or distribute tickets that do not comply.
The following is a brief summary of “The Rules”.
• The Organisation running the Draw must be registered with the Local Authority. If the Organisation is a registered charity the registered number must also be shown on the ticket.
• The Promoter’s name and address must be shown on the ticket.
• The Place and Date of the Draw must be shown on the ticket.
• The ticket price must be shown and all tickets for each Draw must be sold at the same price. It is illegal to offer tickets below the printed price.

When creating artwork for our file check service, please ensure the following are included.

  1. Organising Body – The name of the school, charity, club, church or fundraising group.
  2. Counterfoil Information – Details of where and when the counterfoils, cash and unsold tickets need to be sent back to.
  3. Your registered charity or CIC number.
  4. The promoters name and address – This must be the address that your raffle is registered to.
  5. Details of the printer, in our case “Printed by Autistec – The Print Shop. www.autistec.org.uk.”
  6. Draw Title – The name of your draw or fundraising event.
  7. Prizes – This can be a list of your top 3 prizes, your biggest prizes, all your prizes or a note to say ‘many exciting prizes to be won’.
  8. Draw date and place – When and where the draw will take place.
  9. Register Details – The council that your draw or event is registered with as well as the licence number.
  10. Ticket Price – The price of your individual tickets.
  11. Ticket number – If you’re re-ordering tickets for the same event, be sure to change the ticket start number to carry on from your previous numbers.

The ticket number and perforations are in a fixed place, please see our raffle ticket template for measurements. The ticket numbers are over-printed in red, the background box must be kept white.

Tickets are stapled in batches of 5.